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Use variables (hidden fields) to add contact information to your videoask URL

If you already know the name, email address, or phone number of your respondent, you don’t have to ask for this information again in your videoask. Simply add contact details to the end of your videoask URL and respondent contact information will be saved with their response.

Variables allow known information to be passed in a URL. If you're new to this method of tracking, learn more about how to use variables.

You can track many different types of information using variables. Passing contact information of a known respondent is especially useful because it means they won't need to fill out the contact form when responding to your videoask.

Note: This only applies if consent is not required in your contact form. If you have enabled the consent checkbox, known respondents will still see the contact form, but it will autofill with their contact information and they will be prompted to give consent before continuing.


Use the format below to add variables to your videoask URL:


When you've added variables, your videoask URL will look something like this:


💡Pro tip: You can add parameters with variables to your videoask URL. Just make sure to add the parameter first and use the & symbol to add any additional variable to your URL.

Your videoask URL will look something like this:


If you've enabled a contact form in your videoask, respondents won't see it, but their contact details will still be recorded so you can reply to them

If you want to add your contact's first and last name, just separate them with %20 in the URL, like in the example below:


Whenever you see %20 in a URL, it represents a space. Now, when you view the interaction in your VideoAsk account, you'll see the name formatted like this:


💡 Tip: If you've forgotten to include variables or collect contact details from a known respondent and ended up with an anonymous response, you can add this information by editing contact details of a respondent.



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