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Redirect respondents from one videoask to another

Looking to seamlessly send respondents from one videoask to another? If you're on a paid plan you can redirect respondents to another videoask (or any other webpage URL) when they complete a particular step in your videoask or select a particular answer.

We've put together a simple flow that links two videoasks together to show you what this setup looks like for a respondent. 👇

Here's a step-by-step guide to setting up a similar flow:


Log in to your VideoAsk account and select the videoask you want to redirect. Click Build to open your videoask builder.



By default, each step of your videoask will proceed to the following step or the end screen (if it's the last step). You can see a visual of your current logic in the builder map.



Click a step to edit it.



Go to the Logic tab.



Here you can see and edit the logic in your videoask. Choose when you want to redirect respondents by clicking on the relevant option. In our case, we want to redirect respondents to another videoask if they choose option B from our multiple-choice answers. 



In the Redirect to a URL field, type or paste the videoask URL you want to redirect your respondents to.



Click Save.



Click Done to see the URL redirect reflected on your builder map.


💡 Tip: If you've asked respondents for their contact details in your first videoask, keep their experience silky smooth by using variables to pass their contact information to the second (or third, or fourth) videoask. This means that your respondents will only have to fill out their details once, but the information they've given in the first videoask will end up in the second. ✨

Note: When using multiple redirects in your workflow with contact variables–for example, redirecting from a first videoask to a second videoask, and from the second videoask to another URL– it's important to enable the contact form in your second videoask. This will allow you to add contact variables when setting up the next redirect.

Don't worry, respondents won't have to fill out the same contact form twice (they won’t actually see the contact form in the second videoask). Just make sure to set the contact form fields as required in the first videoask.

However, if there are additional contact details you want to collect in the second videoask, the contact form will appear for respondents to fill in the additional information.

Below is an example that passes contact information from one videoask to another. Go ahead and give it a try!

Note: The above videoask is set to preview mode. This means your answers won't be submitted. 

Get creative with redirecting respondents, check out how some VideoAsk customers are using this flow:

  • To create a multilingual videoask experience to reach a wider audience by offering multiple language options to respondents.
  • To link respondents to a particular part/question in your flow. It's not currently possible to link respondents to a specific step in a multi-step videoask. But by creating several videoasks and linking them together with redirects, you can choose which videoask URL to share with your audience. This will determine where in your flow they begin their videoask experience.
  • If you want to embed your videoask inbox to display responses to your videoask publicly–but you only want to embed the responses to certain steps in your videoask–you can capture responses to the questions you want to embed publicly in one videoask, and then redirect respondents to another videoask to answer the rest of your questions. You won’t embed the inbox of this second videoask, so these responses won’t be shared.
  • If you've embedded a videoask iframe on your site, learn how to redirect respondents to another videoask within the same iframe.
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