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Explore the advanced settings of your videoask

Customize how respondents view and interact with your videoask from the advanced settings area. 

If you can't find what you're looking for in your advanced settings, check out our article on hidden parameters for even more customization options.

To get to advanced settings: 


Log in to your VideoAsk account and select the videoask you want to edit. Click Build to open the videoask builder.



Click the Settings icon. 



Click the Advanced tab in the right-hand sidebar.


You'll see all the advanced options you can adjust:


Keep reading to learn more about each one.

Show Video Controls

Show/hide the video controls (mute, timestamp, speed-up video, and full-screen mode) at the top of your videoask. Learn more about video controls here.

Screen_Shot_2020-08-24_at_4.03_2.png Screen_Shot_2020-08-24_at_4.04_1.png
video_control_off.gif video_control_on.gif

Pause auto-play

By default, videoasks auto-play on mute. Pause auto-play to freeze the video in the first step of your videoask so respondents must push play to see and hear the video.

Screen_Shot_2020-08-24_at_4.03_3.png Screen_Shot_2020-08-24_at_4.04_2.png
 pause_autoplay_off.gif  pause_autoplay_on.gif

Oversize the video button

Subtly encourage video recording by increasing the size of the video option or keep all response option buttons the same size. 

Screen_Shot_2020-08-24_at_4.03_4.png Screen_Shot_2020-08-24_at_4.04_3.png
oversized_video_off.png oversized_video_on.png

Note: You can also oversize the Audio option by adding ?audiofirst to the end of your videoask URL.

Show videoask title

Show/hide the videoask title on the first step of your videoask.

Note: This option does not work if you've added overlay text.



 show_title_off.gif  show_title_on.gif

Button Border Radius

Control the border radius of all filled buttons (except circular confirmation buttons when recording video or audio).

Screen_Shot_2020-09-15_at_12.06-1.png Screen_Shot_2020-09-15_at_12.06.png Screen_Shot_2020-09-15_at_12.06_1.png
Screen_Shot_2020-09-15_at_12.24.png Screen_Shot_2020-09-15_at_12.24-1.png Screen_Shot_2020-09-15_at_12.24-2.png

Reply notifications

VideoAsk sends your respondents an email notification every time you reply to their submissions. If you'd like to use an alternate notification system (such as text messages or another email service via Zapier), you can disable these email notifications for each videoask by disabling the toggle.


⚠️ Important: If you turn this setting off without setting up an alternate notification system via another tool (like Make), your respondents will not be notified when you reply to them.

Find out more about managing your notifications.

Transcription Settings

You can select the language spoken in your videoasks so that they're more accurately transcribed.


Note: Transcriptions are generated directly after uploading or recording a video to your videoask. If you update the transcription language after adding videos, you will need to re-upload or re-record your videos in order for the chosen language to apply to the transcription. 

You can also activate Filter profanities to detect inappropriate language and filter it out of your captions/transcripts for video and audio recordings. Removed words will be marked with an asterisk. Text responses will not be edited. 

You can learn more about editing transcriptions and captions.

Overlay Text Color

Change the color of your overlay text (the text on top of your video)...

2021-10-26_15-19-41.png 2021-10-26_15-36-22.png
overlay_color_white.gif  overlay_color_red.gif 

...and add a background color for more contrast.

2021-10-26_15-19-41.png 2021-10-26_15-17-29.png
overlay_color_white.gif  2021-10-26_15-14-09__1_.gif 

Overlay Text Close Button

Show/hide the X button that allows respondents to dismiss overlay text.

Screen_Shot_2020-08-24_at_4.03_7.png Screen_Shot_2020-08-24_at_4.04_6.png
show_close_text_button_off.gif show_close_text_button_on.gif


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