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Can I add a back button to my videoask?

VideoAsk doesn't have a back button option built-in. However, as a workaround, you can add Logic to a multiple-choice answer type step, allowing you to link the step back to a previous step in your videoask flow.

Not following? Let us show you what we mean. 🤗

In the videoask below, our VideoAsk Online Community Advocate, Grace, gives a walkthrough tutorial all about how to get started with VideoAsk. The first step gives an introduction to viewers. From there, you can choose a topic you're interested in learning more about, and you'll be taken to another step with a more detailed explanation. 

Once you've watched the explanation, you're given the choice to either Go back to start or Ask a question. If you click Go back to start, you'll be taken back to the first step of the videoask (thanks to our Logic feature), where you can select another topic to explore.

Feel free to have a play around with the videoask below. This one's set to preview mode, so we're not collecting any responses.👇

Psst...if you're interested in checking out the original version of this videoask, as well as loads more inspiring Community content, check out our Community here.

Here's how the setup looks on the backend.

In map view:


In linear view:


Below, you can see how we've added Logic to an individual step. If respondents choose option A, they'll be taken to step 6 in our videoask where they can ask a question. If they choose option B, they'll be looped back to the first step in our videoask where they can choose what they want to see next:


Click here for more details on how to set up logic in your videoask flow. 

⚠️ Important: This kind of flow only works for multiple choice or button answer type steps. If, for example, you have an open-ended answer type but want to add the option to return to a previous step, you'll need to add a multiple-choice or button answer type step with the option to go back, immediately after the open-ended answer type step. From there, you can give respondents the option to loop back to a previous step using Logic.

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