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Right to rectification

GDPR gives you the right to rectify or change all personal data a company holds about you. Below, you can explore how to rectify, complete, or delete the data held in your VideoAsk account.

Here’s a list of the data you can fix or change in your account. Click on each one for more details on how to update this information.

Modifying responses

It’s not currently possible to change data you’ve collected through your videoasks within the VideoAsk platform. However, you can export your results as an Excel (XLSX) or CSV file, or connect your videoask to Google Sheets. You can then edit them in the third-party software of your choice.

If you need to amend the responses of a videoask, you or your respondents could also submit a new response to your videoask (by answering it) with corrected details. Once this is done, you can then delete the old interaction from your inbox.

If you’ve sent your personal data through a videoask, the creator of the videoask is responsible for processing your data. This means that you have to contact them to exercise your data subject rights. Find more information here.

If you want to fix or change any other piece of data not included in this guide, or need more clarification, please contact us and our Support team we’ll be happy to help you!

Want to learn more about GDPR, VideoAsk, and you? Check out the Privacy and Security section of our Help Center. 

Note: As VideoAsk is a Typeform product, our privacy and security are managed by Typeform.

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