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View recent highlights in your VideoAsk Dashboard

Curious about how your most recent videoask is performing? Dash on over to your VideoAsk Dashboard, where you can find a quick overview of the responses you’ve received, see any new contacts created, and get metrics on your latest videoask from the past 30 days.

Click on Dashboard from the left side panel of your VideoAsk account.


Below is a breakdown of what’s inside your Dashboard:

General metrics


Here you’ll be able to see how many people have landed on your videoask, and how many respondents have completed it. You’ll also see the number of contacts you’ve collected from this videoask.

For a more in depth look at your metrics for this videoask, click View all metrics.




You’ll see a breakdown of the different types of responses that you’ve received, such as text, audio, or video responses, as well as any Anonymous responses you may have.

Your most recent video or audio response can be played directly from your dashboard.


Note: The video player will only show your most recent video or audio response. Any other answer types such as Text, Multiple-Choice, File upload, etc. won’t be displayed in the video player.

To view all the responses you’ve received for this videoask, click View all responses.




Any new contacts you’ve received in the current month will be shown here, along with which videoask the contact was created from.

Click See more contacts to be taken to your Contacts directory.



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