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Edit the time limit of respondent replies

If you continue the conversation with a respondent after their initial response to your videoask, it can often turn into a flowing, asynchronous chat of back-and-forth replies.

When you reply to a respondent after they’ve submitted their initial response to a videoask, they can reply back to you with a video, audio, or text message. By default, they’ll have a 5-minute limit to record a video or audio message. However, if you want to reduce the time limit to encourage more succinct replies from your respondents, just follow the steps below or watch this tutorial. ⤵️

Looking to change the time limit on initial responses to a videoask step? Check out this article on how to control the length of video or audio answers.

Note: Time limit settings only apply to video or audio messages recorded inside VideoAsk. If a respondent chooses to upload a video from outside VideoAsk when submitting a reply, the maximum file size they can upload is 500 MB, but there are no restrictions on the video length.

Set the time limit for respondent replies


In your VideoAsk account, select the videoask you want to edit.



Click Build.



Click the Settings icon.



Enter the desired number of seconds for the Time limit for video/audio replies.


Note: The maximum time limit is 300 seconds (5 minutes). This is also the default time limit setting. You can edit this to any whole number between 1-300 seconds.


Click Done


That’s it! 🎉 Now when a respondent replies back to you, they’ll see a timer counting down from the number of seconds you’ve set up.


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