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Use Wistia and VideoAsk

Do you use Wistia for video hosting or screen recording? Learn how to export videos directly from Wistia into your VideoAsk account in just a few clicks.

Wistia is a powerful video-hosting platform with a marketing focus, designed to serve businesses using video on their websites.

If you have videos within your Wistia account that you'd like to use in a videoask, you can export them to your VideoAsk media library to use them in any new step or replace existing videos.

Be aware that once a video has been exported to VideoAsk, any changes you make to your video in Wistia will not be reflected in the video stored in your VideoAsk account.

Note: This integration requires a Wistia account.

Export Wistia videos to VideoAsk


From inside your Wistia account, select a project.



Select the video you'd like to export to your VideoAsk account.



Click Embed & Share.



On the Share tab, click Try VideoAsk Export.



You'll be redirected to your VideoAsk account (and may need to sign in). If you're part of more than one VideoAsk organization, select the organization you want to export your Wistia video to.


Note: Exporting your video from Wistia to VideoAsk requires your video to be transcoded and saved, and will therefore count towards the monthly processing minutes for the organization you select.


Click Add to media library.



And that's it! Your video will be waiting for you in your media library. You can click Create a videoask with this video to start building your videoask straightaway...


...or use it at a later date by selecting it from your media library. 🤗


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